RED PAW, a common currency used in ANIPANG CLUB.

RED PAW is a special currency used just in ANIPANG CLUB.

RED PAW can be obtained through exciting gameplay. You can earn RED PAW from Anipang Match, Anipang Blast, and Anipang Coins.

After gameplay, collected RED PAWs can be exchanged to BLUE PAWs at Exchange.

Players can exchange RED PAW collected from each game with BLUE PAW while playing the game. Here is how players can earn BLUE PAW:

-ANIPANG MATCH: 1 vs 1 match

-ANIPANG COINS: Reach the ranks in Race Mode

-ANIPANG BLAST: Reach the ranks in Mocha's Fishing King & Fuzzy Bakery

The exchange rates between RED PAW and BLUE PAW are subject to change due to various circumstances of the ANIPANG Club games.

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