Clan Operation Standard

This โ€˜Clan Operation Standardโ€™ is to prescribe all necessary matters in the process of creating, operating and using the Clan.

- Profile Image and Nickname set before will be used when joining or requesting to join a Clan.

- Only profile images that are provided from the game can be used.

- Nickname cannot include space or special characters, and must be between 3 to 12 characters.

- Nickname can be duplicated with other users.

- In-game character name cannot be used.

2-2. Join Private Clan

- If the Clan is set as private, new members can join only after the Clan Leaderโ€™s approval.

- If the Clan Leader does not approve within 3 days, request will be canceled automatically.

- If the request is canceled, a notice will be sent through inbox.

3. Delete and Leave Clan

3.1. Delete Clan

- A Clan is deleted when there are no members joining the Clan.

- New Clans cannot be created with the same name of a Clan that was deleted within 30days.

3.2. Leave Clan

- When leaving Clan, all stacked contribution and details related to the Clan will be initialized.

3.3. Leave Voluntarily

- A Clan member can leave the Clan at Clan Menu>Clan Member>Clan Information>Leave.

- The member who leaves a Clan cannot create or join a new Clan within 4hours after leaving.

3.4. Leave by Clan Leader

- A Clan member may be opt out of Clan regardless of their intention.

- A Clan member can get a message about leaving Clan through inbox.

- The message will be deleted after 7 days.

4. Chat

- Chatting is not allowed in any way or content that violates the company's โ€˜Terms of Useโ€™ and โ€˜Service Policy,โ€™ and if a Clan member violates it, the member may be subject to restrictions on chat or on use.

- When chatting, some expressions may be banned.

- A member cannot exceed 10 chat messages per minute, and the 11th attempt will prevent the member from entering chat for 1 minute with a warning.

5. Others

Any information not stipulated in the 'Clan Operation Standard' shall be subject to the company's 'Terms of Use' and 'Service Policy.'

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