BLUE PAW, a new Token connecting Anipang Club and Reality.

BLUE PAW is a new digital asset that you can trade with in-game currencies.

BLUE PAW can be exchanged to pWEMIX$! Collect BLUE PAW to trade with pWEMIX$ at PLAY Wallet.

Players can exchange RED PAW collected from each game with BLUE PAW while playing the game. Here is how players can earn BLUE PAW:

-ANIPANG MATCH: 1 vs 1 match

-ANIPANG COINS: Reach the ranks in Race Mode

-ANIPANG BLAST: Reach the ranks in Mocha's Fishing King & Fuzzy Bakery

The exchange rates between RED PAW and BLUE PAW are subject to change due to various circumstances of the ANIPANG Club games.

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