Shaping the Anipang Club through improvements

Dear Anione. Anipang Match, which opened on March 28th, has been growing thanks to the support of our community. Anipang Match is designed to be the world's first PvP puzzle battle game, where you can earn BLUE PAW as the reward for your victories. 1. Recent Issues Anipang Match, which implements a W2E(Win to Earn) system, has experienced a decrease in the importance of the VS Royale mode as leveling and roulette gameplay have become more prominent. This has led to an inflation of BLUE PAW, which goes against the originally intended vision and goal of Anipang Match becoming the world’s first PvP puzzle battle game. We recognize that the expectations of our community have not been properly reflected in our reward system, and thus would like to address this through improvements to the tokenomics of Anipang Match. 2. Exchange from RED PAW to BLUE PAW removed The ‘Send’ function which allows players to exchange RED PAW to BLUE PAW through the exchange center will be removed, but the ‘Import’ function for exchanging BLUE PAW to RED PAW will remain. This change will take effect immediately following the next update to the game and will enable BLUE PAW to be earned solely through the Vs Royale. 3. Earning of BLUE PAW through VS Royale Community members can use RED PAW to compete with other players through the Vs Royale. Upon winning, players will receive their winnings, minus relevant fees, in BLUE PAW. This will effectively strengthen the ultimate content of Anipang Match, VS Royale mode, which strives to be the world’s first PvP puzzle battle game by preventing excessive Blue PAW inflation, and further solidifying the game’s core purpose and vision: “Glory to the victorious.

4. One tokenomics for the Anipang Club Furthermore, upcoming games scheduled for release within the Anipang Club, such as Anipang Coins and Anipang Blast, will also implement this tokenomics change. This will entail earning BLUE PAW by winning in match mode in exchange for RED PAW. 5. Building the Anipang economy through BLUE PAW Staking Starting on April 21st, Blue Paw Staking will serve as the foundation of the Anipang economy and introduce a new community system that connects game achievements with constant rewards. The newly improved tokenomics will be implemented on April 11th, during which the ‘Send’ function for BLUE PAW will be temporarily disabled. - BLUE PAW SEND Disable - From 00:00 UTC on April 5. However, the ‘Import’ function for RED PAW will remain accessible for the convenience of the community. We appreciate the continued interest and support from our community members of Anipang Match. As we prepare for the launch of Anipang Coins and Anipang Blast, the Anipang Club will be filled with champions and victors. The team of Anipang Club

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